Monday, November 28, 2011


Newest additions to my nail polish collection...

It's My Year

Flurry Up! Top Coat

My nails are currently coated with Midnight in Moscow (OPI) and Flurry Up! top coat.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Speaking of ShoeMint, I want these so bad! And they are a part of the ShoeMint lineup that is soon to be released.


If you have ever heard of StyleMint or JewelMint, then you will probably be excited to hear they have now created ShoeMint. ShoeMint will be full of designs by Rachel Bilson, stylist Nicole Chavez, and co-designed by Steve Madden. Personally I cannot think of a better combo. I love Rachel Bilsons natural and effortless style, and I also happen to love Steve Madden's shoes. So with the two of them together, it couldn't get any better. ShoeMint is still in the process of launching but keep your eye out for it because the site officially launches November 25!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Update

Day 30 was yesterday, all done the 30 day challenge. I wish I could say I completely it successfully, but I definitely did not. I completed 11 consecutive workouts, but after that it kind of fell apart. Between midterms, assignments, and other commitments, it was difficult to make it to the gym everyday. On the bright side, I have made it to the gym on a much more regular basis in the last month then I have in a long time, and thats a step in the right direction. I'm heading to Mexico in 5 1/2 weeks so hopefully I can get myself in some sort of beach body shape before then.

This Nike ad made me smile...not everyone is built like a model.


Winter in Edmonton may be pretty, but it's also always cold, long, and snowy. One of the only benefits of long and cold winters is that I have an excuse to shop for boots. 
These are the boots I wanted....
Ash Trash Biker Boots in black leather, priced at $385.00
A little unreasonable considering my student budget. 

So, I ended up with these instead...
I purchased them for $190.00 at Towne Shoes but the Steve Madden store sells them for $169.95. I really wish I lived in the U.S for shopping purposes. 

The $190 was a little more then I wanted to spend but it's so hard to find boots I actually like. I have 14 days to return/exchange so we'll see if I can find something I like just as much for a cheaper price before then.