Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Winter in Edmonton may be pretty, but it's also always cold, long, and snowy. One of the only benefits of long and cold winters is that I have an excuse to shop for boots. 
These are the boots I wanted....
Ash Trash Biker Boots in black leather, priced at $385.00
A little unreasonable considering my student budget. 

So, I ended up with these instead...
I purchased them for $190.00 at Towne Shoes but the Steve Madden store sells them for $169.95. I really wish I lived in the U.S for shopping purposes. 

The $190 was a little more then I wanted to spend but it's so hard to find boots I actually like. I have 14 days to return/exchange so we'll see if I can find something I like just as much for a cheaper price before then.

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